Iris Sarg Actress


Iris Sarg

Language : English, French
Licence B : Carrying a car
Size : 1.72 meters / 5’8″
Weight : 56 kg, 123 lb
Hairs : Blond Long Straight Hair
Eyes : Blue – Gray – Green
Measurements : 85 – 64 – 88
Bust : 33″ B / Waist : 25″ / Hips : 35″
Corpulence : Athletic
Size of jacket : 36 / Dress : 36
Trousers : 36
Shoe size : 40
Practiced sports :

Fitness, Weight Training, Stretching, Swimming, Tai Chi, Yoga, Strala Yoga, Pilates, Driving Stage Ferrarri, Modern-Jazz Dance, Martial arts, Footing

Présentation :

Iris Sarg, actress since 1995, She has turned in several films, short films and feature films but also in several commercials for major bands. And she played a few skits on Television. She works regulary in collaboration with a major channel in France “TF1” and also collaborated with another major channel “France 2”.


“I always follow my instinct, both in life and in my acting” is the motto of Iris.

“My perfectionism constantly pushes me to work harder and to the finest detail in order to give the maximum of depth in the role i interpret…”


From the city of Avignon in France, Iris started at a young age workshops and acting classes. In order to combine passion and learning, she also chose the option “Theater” during her undergraduate degree in Modern Letters.


After graduation, she chose to leave her hometown to the capital “Paris” in order to increase her theatrical knowledge, and be able to full focus on an her actress career.


She is totally committed to her profession, and perfected in several lesson of acting in the “Cours Florent” taught by professors from the French Comedy or the theater and cinema workshop “Fanny Vallon”. She also participate in intensive lesson to work on herself, to control her voice, her breath in front of the cameras guided by directors. Her knowledge and skills were mainly built at the “Actors Studio” led by “Jack Waltzer” from 2002 to 2012.


Giving birth to a character, creating an indoor and outdoor living, adapting a character and reflecting the images perceived by the author or writer, are key points that were transmitted by Jack Waltzer for all years. Transmiting real emotions to the audience.


We do not become an actor overnight, this profession cannot be improvised. It requires a lot of work, passion, rigour, determination, it’s a conviction.


From the start, she played leading roles in short films then she played in lenght films and TV Show. She also participated in live skitson broadcast by TF1 and performed roles in films and TV drama such as “Aisha” on France 2, directed by Yamina Benguigui. She was selected by Guy Ritchie to run advertising alongside Jude Law for the worldwide brand “Dior”.


Recently, Iris was one of the main characters in the movie “Blood Dust”.


Also professional sportscoach, Iris practice some sports which gives to her an extra edge to interpret certain roles. Sport also gave her a physical and mental strength, the fighting spirit that pushes her to always move forward in life and for her acting career. An actress has to take care of her body because it is her primary tool, with her voice and her acting.


When she discover the sport at fourteen years old with the practice of Modern-Jazz dance, Iris tooks her first steps on stage as a dancer for several years at the “Roman Theatre of Orange”, a beautiful scene up to 9000 seats, with two shows a year produced by her choreographer.


She is also interested in the co-production of movies and was co-producer for some short films. Like “Last Call” directed by Camille Delamarre and selected in various festivals (Los Angeles, Canada, Brest), “The Ring” from Sarah Laure Estragnat.