Iris Sarg Athlete

At fourteen years old, Iris became enthralled with the Modern-Jazz Dance. She discovered the magnificent “Théâtre Antique d’Orange” in France, a spectacular scene up to 9000 seats. Several shows were performed by Iris where she demonstrated to the public her dancing skills.


In 2000, she took the road to Paris to devote herself entirely to her acting career. In the French capital, Iris discovered the world of Fitness and all concepts around it, she became an adept of this sport practicing it, 3 hours per day.


Alongside her acting career, She discovered benefits of sport, both physically and mentally. It has become a vital need and a lifestyle. This passion for sports allows her to get a better approach for her job and difficulties. It adds a string to her bow to interpret certain roles, to be more efficient during filming. Sport reveals her character and amplifies her strength, physically and mentally.


Persistent and ambitious, Iris has set a new goal: become a sportscoach to share the benefits of sport to the others.


She opted for full training for over 2 years at the UCPA for a state diploma to start her career as a sportscoach. With this training, she was able to acquire knowledge and expertise. She was also formed in soft gymnastics (Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Relaxation Therapy, Back Exercises). After graduating in 2009, she was certified in various concepts from Les Mills : Body Pump, Body Combat, CX Worx, Body Balance. She met Tara Stiles who had just launched a new concept of yoga in New York, and around the world, “Strala Yoga”. She certified Iris Sarg in this sports concept.

She also worked for the major brand “Reebok”. In love with her work and recommended by Tara Stiles herself to the brand. She became an ambassador. She represented the brand and their sport values, works for them and other partners during major sporting events. She also joined the TV studios (TF1, France 2) for presenting sporting chronic and sports concept.