StralaYoga Guide certified by Tara Stiles in New York / In Partnership with W Hotels International / Sports Photos

About This Project

Iris follows one of the first trainings taught by Tara Stiles after the creation of her concept “Strala Yoga” in new York. (

Iris is certified instructor in Strala Yoga by Tara Stiles.

Tara Stiles appreciates the quality of her work, her professional investment, her professionalism, her personality, her success with people and the high attendance levels in her classes.

Thereafter, Tara Stiles will recommend Iris to the W Hotels International. She will  also recommend her to the brand “Reebok”.

Iris  will work with W Hotels Opéra Paris and Reebok.

Find some photos of  these partnerships, sports photos and  Strala Yoga pictures.



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