The career of Iris Sarg

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2012           “Entre tes Mains”. Director : Claire Desplat


2011            “Blood Dust” 1st Role. Directors : Antonio Da Silva and Logan Boubady


2011             “Lovers” 1st Role. Directors : Manu Raoufi and Michael Duarte


2011             “Praschan Requiem”. Director : Albert Fautré


2005            “Du jour au lendemain” with Benoît Poolveorde. Director : Philippe le Guay


2004            “Vahe”. Director : Frédéric Balekdjian





2013/2016   Columnist for the famous channel “TF1” / Live TV Sport Chronicles broadcasted on Saturday morning in the TV Show “TéléShopping” with the presenter Alexandre Devoise  / Broadcast every week on the channel “TF1” for over 2 years


2015               On the famous channel “France 2” / Reportage + Interview with the journalist Christelle Ballestrero + Intervention in live on “France 2” with the columnist Yves Lahiani to introduce “The Strala Yoga” concept (created in New York by Tara Stiles who formed me)  in “C’est au programme” with the presenter Sophie Davant


2011                 Pilote TV Show “Vigilant”. Director : Albert Fautré


2011                 Video clip “I believe in you” from David Coroner and Natasha. Directors : Antonio Da Silva and Logan Boubady


2007                TV Show “Le Love Bar” with Gil Alma. Directors : Fred Journet & Olivier Abid. Broadcast on the channel “Paris Première”


2007                TV Film “Aicha”. Director : Yamina Benguigui. Broadcast on the channel  “France 2”


2007                Video clip “House Running & Crawling “. Director : Aurélien Simon


2006                Live TV Skit with Cartman for the singer Jane Manson in the famous TV Show “La Méthode Cauet” from Sébastien Cauet presenter, on the channel “TF1”


2006                Video clip “A quoi bon l’amour”. Singer: Humphrey


2005                TV Show “Engrenage”. Director : Pascal Chaumeil. Broadcast on the channel “Canal +”





2011                 “La Bible ne fait pas le moine” 1st Role. Director : Willy Thamas


2011                  “Adultère” 1st Role. Director : Willy Thamas


2010                 “Spirit” 1st Role. Director : Gabriel Corbion


2010                 “Angels”. Director : Antonio Da Silva


2007                 “L’Epervier chantera à 15h” 1st Role. Directors :  Alex Brien and Véronique Parenteau


2004                 “Séparations” 1st Role. Director : Gérald Morales


2002                  “Rêve” 1st Role. Director : Antoine Schoumsky


2001                   “La coupure d’eau” 1st Role. Director : Florence Bresson





2013                   “LCL” with the actor Gad Elmaleh. Director : Patrice Leconte


2010                    “Dior” with the actor Jude Law. Director : Guy Ritchie. Production : Première Heure


2010                    Campaign Nescafé ” Sleepless “. Director : Gaël Cabouat. Production : Fulldawa Prod


2006                   “Lady Speed Stick”. Director : Jean-Claude Aumont. Production : Katsina Production, Young & Rubicam


2006                   “Sony Ericsson :  Tennis Roof “. Director : Tom Hooper


2006                   “Ford” . Director : Cyril de Plater


2005                   “Playstation”. Director : TBWA


2004                   “Bouygues Telecom :  Le Voyage”. Director : Stylewar





2012                     Interview and reportage “Iris, la reine de Lutèce” for “L’OBS”. Director and journalist : Laurent Jacqua


2011                     Company Safety Bus “Motivation dirigeants Formation”. Director : Antoine Elizabé


2008                    Cervarix “Léa et Iris” : Prevention against cancer. Director : Denis Harnois


2008                    “Sismo Fitness” with the actor Vincent La Torre. Director : Thierry Redler





2003                      “Hot House” from Pinter, “La Tête des autres” from Marcel Aymé, at the “Théâtre du Marais”, directed by Laurent Montel (French Comedy / from “La Comédie      Française”)





2002 – 2012            Workshop “Actors Studio” directed by “Jack Waltzer” in Paris


2004                          Work on voice and breathing techniques with the director Christian Louis Vital


2002                          Technical traineeship of acting facing camera with the  director Christophe Loizillon


2000 – 2003           “Cours Florent” with teachers: Laurent Montel (French Comedy/ “Comédie Française”), Alexandra Friedman, Michèle Harfaut in Paris


2000 – 2001            Workshop theater and cinema “Fanny Vallon” in Paris


1999 – 2000             Lesson dramatic art “Théâtre de la Parole” directed by Arsène Richeux in Avignon, France


2000                           Traineeship of theater under the direction of Michèle Harfaut





Bac STT Communication

Deug of Modern Literature with the option “Theater”

Driving licence

Driving course in “Ferrari”




Very sporty, athletic shape


Sports Coach, State qualified in 2008 :

Fitness Specialist, muscle development exercises, Weight Training, Soft Gym (Pilates, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, Back Exercises) and Sophrology (relaxation).

Strala yoga (concept created in New York), certified by Tara Stiles, the creator of this concept.


Trained and qualified for teaching the concepts of  “Les Mills International” :

Body Combat (Mix of Karate, jujitsu, boxing)

Body Balance (Mix of Pilates, yoga, Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, stretching and relaxation)

CXWorx (activity that works the center of the body combines speed and intensity to strengthen effectively abs and glutes)

Body Pump


Reebok Ambassador / Sports Events / Interview / Articles / Magazines :

Ambassador for the brand “Reebok” France.

A lot of Sports Events with the brand “Reebok” (“La Parisienne”, Salon “Body Fitness” ….), the channel “MCS Bien-Etre”, “Zippy Pass”, “W Hotels”, “Tangerine Sport”.

Partnership, interview, reportage and articles for magazines : Santé Magazine, Marie Claire, SFME : published in Dubaï, Vanity Fair Magazine, Pure Trend, Paris Capitale, Vivre Paris, Télé 7 Jours, Paulette Magazine …


Other sports practice :

Ballet, Modern-jazz Dance, Hip-Hop Dance, equitation, swimming, Jogging


Photo :

Photo Advertising campaign for “Les Pages Jaunes”. Photographer: Laurent Monlau
Mannequin for  “Guts” magazine, shoots with the famous presenter Sébastien Cauet for an article-reportage. Photographer: Stéphane Ruet
Mannequin for the brand of clothing “Psy” in the “Salon du Prêt-à-Porter” in Paris
Various shoot for photographers and stylists: The Kori (Photographer: Patrick Rouchon in the studios Rouchon), Lisa Coinus, Lolita Couture Passion, Tentations du soir, Julian Torres, Béatrice Cruveiller, Kevin Brunet, Stéphane Mosset, Emmanuel Bournot (Shooting for Reebok) …